Integrating Trengo and Zendesk CRM for WhatsApp

When it comes to customization, sometimes native PaaS solutions are not viable or too expensive or even fall short of what is expected.
It could also be for reasons that a PaaS roadmap does not match to specifics of a client. A gap occurs and the situation requires development of custom apps or middleware so that manual dependencies can best be avoided. These shortcomings can generally be found in integrating various communication channels. The requirement may also arise if a client is already using a third party system for channel engagement before onboarding a new CRM. A temporary enablement might be required while transitioning. Whatever the case may be, one has to develop or devise a solution that doesn’t impact on existing customer experience (CX).
TecRivulet came across one such scenario, where a client was already using Trengo for WhatsApp communication and was looking for a quick implementation plan to respond to customers via Zendesk CRM. Although, efforts were being made to innovate and custom develop a bridge (a middleware) and other provide working solution for this. TecRivulet established a quick bi-directional communication. Solution details as follows.
Requirement: Client customers use WhatsApp besides email, self-service, chat, mobile app and web-widget. WhatsApp being the emerging channel and used extensively now by customers, it was important to bring customer queries to the main Helpdesk CRM, Zendesk. WhatsApp messages land at Trengo and there was no direct integration possible with Zendesk from it.
Solution possibilities: With No ready – made solution available in the market for this specific scenario and development of a bridging software would have taken some time. A PaaS based middleware was the consideration, which could bridge the two systems, Trengo and Zendesk
Final implementation: Now Zapier sits between, filters and automates message coordination between Trengo and Zendesk. It does two-way communications, validates and forwards messages of only selective Helpdesk WhatsApp numbers (as client uses separate numbers for marketing, sales as well).
TecRivulet Approach: The quickest way was to use the PaaS based middleware provider. Zapier was chosen to provide desired expectations to client.
Project Deliveries:
1. Create tickets on receiving a fresh WhatsApp message.
2. Identify user based on the phone number or email address.
3. Update ticket if the message is not new and already opened/WIP.
4. Auto-switch to email channel if the 24 hour WhatsApp outbound message limit elapses.
5. Move back to WhatsApp based communication if an inbound message is received post 24 hour of the pervious one from the customer. Similarly, solution keep refreshing (extending) the allowable response window upon receiving every new inbound message via WhatsApp
6. Send CSAT links once ticket is solved.
7. Close ticket after a defined timeline.
Project Challenges & Learning Curve:
1. No platform had perfectly available solution
2. A platform will only talk about its own abilities and shortcomings.
3. Every vendor follows their own development/ upgrade roadmap for their tools lifecycle and has very little room available for customizations. One has to be open to either wait for the vendor to accept your request under their current development Intake queue to update their solution in upcoming releases Or find workarounds to these shortfalls.
4. Not all PaaS providers have extensive documentation readily available and one has to to go through their own research lifecycle before bringing anything in front of the client as a viable solution.
5. Solution Architects/ Developers/ Admins all have to know how these API communication work to provide a comprehensive solution.
TecRivulet has been making and achieving such custom solutions and integrations between various PaaS platforms for the Clients. Always committed to provide value adds by enabling and innovating things that are largely categorized not possible by other companies. Although a partner of many large CRM companies, TecRivulet has been representing clients to CRM companies (Vendors) as an integral part of the client company. For Zendesk, TecRivulet has been implementing and supporting all modules of the platform, including Support, Guide, Gather, Custom Apps, ZIS, Explore and always working on new challenges such as this one to provide a one stop shop to them.
For more details reach the TecRivuelt team at sales@tecrivulet.com or visit our Contact Us page to drop a line to us.


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