About Us

Welcome to TecRivulet - A holistic IT solution provider for your organization. Right from creating viability for your day-to-day operation to restructuring or setting up entire system, we do it all for you. Our expertise include all spheres of IT, including IT Infrastructure, Telecom and Telephony solution, Software development, CRM implementation, IT System Management (ITSM) and Cyber Security

Services Offered

zendesk CRM

.Complex and large implementation of CRM over zendesk suit of product. Highest rate of successful implementations with highest client satisfaction

Unified Communication

Optimized implementation and upgrade of Telephony systems. Delivered solutions as per the complexity of the requirement and size and budgetary factors

Cloud Based Solution

Expertise in selecting the right place or mix of hosting the system. Experience and setting up of cloud based  backup and CRM and Telephony systems

Cyber Data Security

Peripheral control, inward - outward data leakage monitoring and prevention, User Behavior Analysis to suggest potential candidates for default 

ITSM and Security Compliance

Helping to setup IT system management structure, their processes, policies and framework. Bring them up to the level of compliance to ITILv3 and ISO27001 and get them through certification