Unified Communication

On Cloud and in-premise VOIP ACD/Dialler

One of the leading VOIP based telephony systems with ability to provide in-premise as well as on cloud installation. TecRivulet provides extensive experience in implementation of the PBX, ACD and Dallier. This simple yet power full system is license based that comes in flavors of 4/8/16/32/64/128/256. Easy to setup and maintain and expansions are few clicks away

World's most reliable ACD system

ACD systems and Avaya are synonym to each other. With most robust and rugged system capability, Avaya, can boast of providing highest up time for any inbound call center. Expanding capaiblities to Unified Communication system, Avaya can be used for organisations and BPO processes of now. TecRivulet team has extensive experience in implementation and maintenance and management of Avaya telephony

Communication System is the backbone of any ITES company. A robust system is important to provide resources that help business or operation to perform better. Such system is important from the point of view of service availability, quality of service (QOS), business continuity, response and resolution time. 

Many organization, while growing at faster pace have great concentration on their business areas. What they lack is the requirement of continued upgrade to sustain the demands of the business.

TecRivulet steps in here. We help such growing organization to keep the their

focus on the business while we setup their infrastructure and manage or regulate their resource demands to the most optimized way so the cost and benefit balance remains higher on the later side.

TecRivulet has great team of professionals who with their experience in implementing some of the very large and complex  integrated systems can guide you best in meeting your needs vs. stage or scale of business is at.

Be it setting up and right sizing the server or data center environment, deciding on whether one needs an on-premise or cloud system, whether got go

physical or virtual, buying off-the-shelf or custom products or even a licensed one or open source, PBX, ACD or dialers, helping to setup Telecoms, Unified media systems, creating and managing the best WAN and Telecoms connectivity and selecting the right service provider(s) are part and parcel of the deal.

We help in all. Not jsut in making decision, we, along with our large list of partners, we can the right system integrator for your to make your purchases through us. All in all, TecRivulet, is a one stop all solution provider for your IT and Telecom infrastructure needs