Peripheral, Internal & Statutory

DLP and UBA redefined

Data Resolve Technologies is a leading product maker in the field of cyber security. Their products like inDefend, MobSec create a complete monitoring and blocking solution in providing Data Leakage Prevention (DLP). One of the USP Data Resolve products provide is the ability to monitor and show case the User Behavior or Productivity Analysis. While in pursuit of monitoring any loss of information, accidental or deliberate, Data Resolve products also check if user indeed is engaged in working on official applications, sitting idle or roaming on social media or even typing and searching of something objectionable on Google.. A comprehensive monitoring tool to check anything that is sent out of a PC/Server  on or outside of your office network.

Security of IT system and data is a growing concern. Gone are the days when only large enterprises were concerend with breaches or theft of intellectual properties. The issue has spread to SMEs now. As we become more connected, devices brought in by employees and constant need of internet connectivity pushes the boundaries and need to scope security vs. availability and sophistication

Unlike older times, where threats were looming from outward to inwards, i.e.. requiring peripheral controls and setting up firewalls, larger threats are sounding from people and devices within. Mostly accidental than deliberate, malware have become norms of the day. Recent attacks of encryption of data to extort money have impacted every type and size of organization

TecRivulet provide services in getting GDPR compliance, Performing tests like Network Penetration Tests, VAPT, WAPT, IS and other Security Audits, setting compliance and acquiring ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 certification, DR and BCM